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Rejuvenation & Aesthetics

Welcome to Fernie Injection Therapies! The focus of this clinic is primarily to keep people healthy and active. Dr Breckon offers a number of injection therapies to help improve pain both from chronic and acute causes. Although injections are a great tool to reach your goals, Dr Breckon takes a holistic approach to your health and will also complete a check up in regards to energy, sleep, stress, diet and hormones.

For more information on specific services, please see below.

Please note that although Dr Breckon has a broad practice at her Calgary clinic, she primarily focuses on pain management and injection therapies in Fernie and prioritizes in-person visits for procedures. She is only in Fernie one Fri/Sat per month and offers telemedicine and phone consultations on the Fridays she is not in town.

If you are not a pain patient and would like to see Dr Breckon as your Naturopathic Doctor, please book a 15 min complimentary phone consult to discuss your health goals with Dr Breckon. Dr Breckon will selectively take on new patients outside of pain management or can direct you to an alternative care provider.

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