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4. EXO|E Exosomes - Face

Exosome therapy is the new kid on the block when it comes to skin and hair rejuvenation. New, cutting-edge and tremendously effective. Exosomes are how your cells communicate with one another. Have you ever received a care package in the mail, or your Amazon prime delivery next day with that essential thing you need? Exosomes are like care packages or deliveries for damaged cells. They contain important information but also proteins, lipids, growth factors, cytokines, etc that can help to nourish, rejuvenate and regenerate new cells.

What does this mean for your skin? Exosomes can help to repair cells damaged through the natural processes of aging.

4. EXO|E Exosomes - Face

What are the benefits of EXO|E Exosomes?

  • 100% plant derived, organic product

  • No chemicals or preservatives

  • Decrease inflammation and down time from procedures such as Morpheus8 and microneedling

  • Detox and repair the skin

  • Combat, reduce and even reverse common signs of aging

EXO|E Exosomes are great for:

  • Part of a pre and post care protocol for Morpheus8 or microneedling

  • Increase collagen and elastin production

  • Increase hyalorunic acid production

  • Improves pigmentation, fine lines, texture and tone

  • Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

  • Scar treatments 

What to expect with an EXO|E Exosome treatment? 

  • When combining Exosomes with a procedure like Morpheus8, microneedling or mesotherapy, you will get 3 exosome products 

  1. Pre-treatment: for use 5 or more days prior to your treatment 

  2. In clinic: applied to your skin in office as part of your microneedling or Morpheus8 treatment 

  3. Post-care: a product for at-home care following your procedure (see Morpheus8 section) 

  • For exosome treatments in combination with Morpheus8, please see the Morpheus8 section.

  • For exosomes treatments in combination with microneedling: 

  • Your visit to the clinic will be approximately 1 hour. 

  • When you arrive, you will have numbing cream applied topically to the treatment area and will sit with the numbing cream in place for 20-25 minutes

  • Microneedling will take approximately 20-30 min (following the numbing cream) 

  • For exosomes treatments in combination with mesotherapy:

  • Your visit to the clinic will be approximately 30-60 min

  • Numbing cream is optional for non-microneedling mesotherapy

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